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Get More Instagram Followers

September 27, 2017

If I get more Instagram followers I’ll sell more paintings right?!…. Hmmm…not exactly. Today I want to open up the conversation between Instagram followers and success. A lot of focus these days, seems to be how many followers we have. It’s one of the first things we see when we look at someone’s Instagram. But how important is it really? The Sitch? In the beginning…when I began this journey, I spent a lot of energy worrying about my amount of…

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Art Inspiration

June 26, 2017

I’ve been travelling to Cuba recently and it’s a place so full of art inspiration. The local markets are brimming with art, and the artists are so passionate. The ocean is like a turquoise jewel, as you catch a glimpse through the trees. Local musicians play on a rooftop bar, giving you goosebumps as you suddenly have the desire to play the double bass. Cuba is a place of intense history and it was really important for me to support…

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Artist at work Inspiration Painting Tips

What it’s like being an Artist?!

August 30, 2016

I get tons of messages everyday from people expressing how much of a dream it would be to follow their heart and become an artist. But how do you define being an artist? The answer will probably surprise you. Is being an artist, a dream? I would ALWAYS encourage somebody to follow their heart. If you set aside time for yourself everyday, doing something you enjoy, you will find life rewarding. It doesn’t have to be a ‘hobby’ as such. It could be a…

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Artist at work Inspiration

Artists Sketchbook

July 25, 2016

So if you’re a little nosy, like me, you’ll love looking through another artists sketchbook. Which is why I created a video all about my sketchbook. I have a few, but this one is my watercolour sketchbook where I jot down all my thought’s I want to express in watercolour. My sketchbook is where I turn to try new things, experiment, or just to enjoy painting without pressure. It’s a great way to practise your art skills without using up…

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How Art Can Change Your Life

May 24, 2016

I’ve never been a big art collector, mainly because of lack of funding 😉 But when I have a favourite artist, after a couple of years I usually decide to invest in a painting or print. I don’t know whether you personally are a collector of art, but you must have an interest…to be reading this! My question to you is…what is your favourite piece of art you ever invested in?…and why? Do you think art can change your life?…

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