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Painting Tips

Painting Tips

Selling Your Artwork Online

October 11, 2016

So I have some very exciting news! I will be presenting in Modern Thrive’s three-day live online workshop, ‘Selling Your Artwork Online’. I get SO many messages every day, from you artists out there, asking how you can sell your work. It’s scary and confusing, I know this because I was there myself about 3 years ago. Selling your artwork online doesn’t have to be a minefield, which is why I was so excited to be a part of this workshop. I want to…

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What it’s like being an Artist?!

August 30, 2016

I get tons of messages everyday from people expressing how much of a dream it would be to follow their heart and become an artist. But how do you define being an artist? The answer will probably surprise you. Is being an artist, a dream? I would ALWAYS encourage somebody to follow their heart. If you set aside time for yourself everyday, doing something you enjoy, you will find life rewarding. It doesn’t have to be a ‘hobby’ as such. It could be a…

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Painting Tips

My Art Supplies

May 31, 2016

Hi my lovelies! Hope you are well and happy. Today I wanted to start off with a ‘My Art Supplies’ series, beginning with a ‘What’s on my Desk!’ These are all my current art supplies which are used on a regular basis. I haven’t changed or ‘dressed’ my desk for this post, I literally just walked over and took a photo. So for you nosy people out there (like me) who love to see what other artist’s desks and studios…

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Painting a Seascape Tutorial

April 23, 2016

Hi you lovely bunch! I wanted to show you (just in case you hadn’t seen it yet) my painting a seascape tutorial. This isn’t the only way to do it, maybe it’s not even the you should do it. But I wanted to share my process and help you create something you can build on. This is for beginners, so if you’ve been painting for a while already it might not quench enough of your creative ability. It’s prefect for…

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Painting with Acrylics

March 21, 2016

So most of you will know that I’ve started a YouTube channel. I’m uploading speed paintings, arty vlogs and tips on painting. I wanted to share with you my most recent video – ‘Painting with Acrylics’. Here I build up the layers slowly using gel mediums and acrylics to create a calming ocean painting. You can see the original painting available here if you would like a closer look at what it turned out like. These videos are not necessarily…

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