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My Creative Process

January 23, 2018

The creative process of an artist, has been one of mystery in the past. Social media has opened up to us a sea of daily updates, from the lives of our favourite artists. As more of our lives become online, the mystery of the artist’s process, is like the revealing curtain from the Wizard of Oz. Talent or Hard Work? One of the many assumptions about an artist’s life, is that we float around day to day, paintbrush in hand.…

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Painting Tips

Social Media as an Artist

December 13, 2017

Like a lot of things, social media is a coin. It has two sides, everyone has one & it’s you’re choice how you use it. Social media has many wonderful benefits. It draws people together and makes us feel a part of something bigger. Many start building a business using social platforms, and even just down to sharing our special moments with family. But like a coin, there’s another side, a dark shadow that can lurk out and grab you when…

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DIY's Painting Tips

Painting Tutorials

October 11, 2017

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you some of my recent painting tutorials in case you’ve missed them. I love making these tutorials so much, as I get to do what I love, but also share some of the tips I’ve learnt over the last few years. These tutorials are not for people who want to become academically trained in classical painting. These are for those of you who really want to try painting and not sure where to…

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Inspiration Painting Tips

Get More Instagram Followers

September 27, 2017

If I get more Instagram followers I’ll sell more paintings right?!…. Hmmm…not exactly. Today I want to open up the conversation between Instagram followers and success. A lot of focus these days, seems to be how many followers we have. It’s one of the first things we see when we look at someone’s Instagram. But how important is it really? The Sitch? In the beginning…when I began this journey, I spent a lot of energy worrying about my amount of…

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Painting Tips

The Best Artist Resource

September 5, 2017

Have you ever felt like the reason you’re not there yet, is because you don’t have the right tools? I dealt with this struggle for the first two years I took up painting. The reason I wasn’t good at painting, was because I didn’t have fine art oils. And the reason I couldn’t start my YouTube channel yet, was because my art studio wasn’t finished. Well today I want to speak about the only artist resource you need. The Truth…

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