Curiosity killed the cat?

October 1, 2014

This month…well October…is ruthlessly coming and bringing along cold drafts with it (rubbish!) so much so, that my hot water bottle has been refilled about three times a day! Although that might have something to do with the fact I’ve been conquered by the common cold! (And become a seriously to-poorly-to-do-anything-but-watch-netflix kinda girl.) Sweet – I know!

So anyway, in answer to the question…Curiosity never killed anything!! – all it did is make your PC look darn good! That’s because this month the desktop calendar features one of my newest oil paintings, ‘Curiosity’ which is 20×20″ and is for sale here. Prints are also available here. 1024 x 765 - Curiosity

As always – I ADORE to see your workspaces, especially when they are adorned with my wallpapers so tweet me a photo or hashtag me in on instagram.

Love Katie x


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