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Hello! How is your day going? I'm currently fighting a throat infection, so after watching a marathon of Audrey Hepburn films, I thought I'd give in to the resting/boredom stage and come write to you lovelies. (I cannot sit still without doing something.)

I've been meaning to write a blog post all about my art prints for a while and just not got round to it. I think sometimes people can worry about buying art prints - they can't see the colours, feel the paper and smell the ink through a computer screen (shame). So I've taken some super-clear photographs, just to try and help convey some of those things.

Firstly all art prints are limited editions, so they really are super special. They printed onto the most luxuriant, beautiful, thick paper with 100% cotton rag matt base and even though its a print, you can see the brush strokes making it look exactly like the painting. It's so thick it feels like card!



Each print comes with a 'Certificate of Authenticity' - What is that?! may ask, but basically, it proves that is is 100% totally legit straight from me and the real deal.


Then it is carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, with it's certificate, and packaged well to protect it from the outside world as it makes it's way across the country...or your doorstep.


If it's a large print, then it will probably be sent in a tube, which are so stable and protect those lovely sharp edges!



I am always jealous of my paintings and prints...they have travelled more than me! To Australia, New York, Canada and even Singapore! But what a wonderful feeling it is to know that there are people across the world supporting me and my passion to paint - so thank you :)

Love Katie x


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