my art studio


I work from a bright studio with a pretty view of the English countryside. Looking out at nature bring such a calmness to a busy day and my appreciation of the beauty around me, feeds my inspiration. I’m so grateful to have a space where I can get lost in my work. 

I don’t have a strict time schedule, as for me it would take the joy and freedom away. I work when I feel like I have the energy and desire, which sometimes means I start at 6:00am and leave at 11pm.

You will usually find me with a mug of green tea, painting (and dancing) to any random playlist. I find music really transports you to the place you need to be mentally. It melts away my anxieties of the day, so that I can focus on my work. 

Art studios are usually defined as ‘messy’, and trust me…mine has those moments. But I try to keep everything tidy, so the next day I begin work with a fresh mind. My studio is fairly small, so I can’t really afford to be too messy. 

Take a Studio Tour in the video below…