Fifties Beach Babes


Photo-23-06-2015-10-17-48For me these paintings aren't just pictures of women on the beach, they are part of the seascape, they are part of the memories. Beaches have always been part of families memories. Each moment the tide comes in, it washes away the days events and that is why I wanted to create a series of these paintings of 1950s women. Each one seems to be having a moment of contemplation and I love that because that's by the sea means to me. I feel like I can get my feelings and thoughts out through the women that I paint. It is a magical experience. I love to know what you think of my 50s women so please message me on Instagram or Twitter and let me know. Love Katie xPhoto-29-06-2015-12-40-45 Photo-29-06-2015-18-18-46 Photo-29-06-2015-18-29-491