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Oh September! I really do have a love-hate relationship with you! You bring Fall along, the bright oranges, the deep seductive reds and most of all I finally get to bring out all my favourite snuggly scarves. But in the back of my mind, I know you are undoubtedly bringing along my enemy not far behind you - Winter. But for now, I am going to love every last minute of Summer we have left! Starting with my desktop. If  you're like me, you'll normally be far to busy to worry whether you computer looks nice. But after last month's desktop creation, I realised how nice it is, that when you shut down your programs, you catch a glimpse of a pretty picture that makes you feel so much more positive. It made me find something beautiful in something, that normally, I completely ignore! So if I can make each of your days - that bit more beautiful - it will make me happier than ever!

This month I've calmed down the colours a little and gone for a piece called 'Lazy Mornings' (which is how we all feel when we get to work in the morning - let's face it!) The muted colours and soft whites, make it all the more pleasing to the eye. The original oil painting is available to purchase here or you can find the limited edition print here.

Grab your free desktop calendar with the below links. And don't forget - I LOVE to see other peoples working spaces - so send us a photo of your workspace with your new calendar uploaded - or just #katiejoblingwallpaper to twitter or instagram!



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