How I Fell in Love with Art


I remember the day quite clearly. The school trip to the Britain Tate Gallery  in London that no one wanted to go on...but me. I was fourteen/fifteen at the time and had taken art as one of my GCSE's. I had never been to London and I couldn't have been more excited! After taking the coach there, we got to spend about five hours on all the three levels of art exhibits. By one hour, the rest of my class had been round the whole gallery and took the rest of the day to sunbathe outside with an ice cream. By the end of the day however, I was still on the first floor of the art exhibit!! The Tate Modern changed everything I thought I knew about art. I thought art was limited to paintings of wars or local landscapes. But there I was stood in front of a life-size VW Campervan, with sledges appearing out the back. I'm not saying that it moved me in any way. But it opened up a whole new way of thinking and showed me first- hand that art wasn't something, in fact it could be anything.   download

That day I gathered so much inspiration, I still feel it pushing me today. I have since visited to Tate again and found it just as enchanting. This time though, I got to spend however long I wanted absorbing the artistic energy.

I can definitely say that this was the first time art became a real experience and I am so thankful to the amazing Tate Gallery as it is free admission. From that day forward I never stopped creating in one way or another. I'd love to hear how you got into art and what was your most memorable experience with discovering it. Please do message me on Instagram or Twitter - it's so inspiring to share stories.

Love Katie x