Mini Paintings - Cute or what!?


So it is a miserable Monday morning, the rain outside is utterly harsh against the window. But in my toasty-warm, music-filled, colourful studio, I feel positively happy. I treat every moment I can stay in this room, as a blessing, after all, it is my safety zone. It's where I feel comforted, safe and un-judged. (If that's a word.)F10 It is these little beauties that fill my spirits with their unforgiving positive vibes and happy colours. They really do radiate good-feelings! I realise that instead of them sitting around in my studio, I should put them up my Etsy shop so others can benefit from their delightful demeanour. So all these are now available for sale here: www.katiejobling, or you can click on the image you fancy! F5

Today a thought occurred - it is our choice what and how we surround ourselves with. (Broadly speaking.) So if you can't stand a dull day, like me, then hit all the lights, whack some tunes on and make some colour in your life. Here's some fun facts about how colours can affect our mood:

Orange: Increase energy levels Red: Stimulates the body & mind Green: Symbolizes nature so it makes your relax Yellow: Attention-getter, optimistic and can help you concentrate Blue: Produces calming chemicals Pink: Positive, warm and gives a gentle loving energy

Interesting huh? So which painting are you drawn to? - Your body might be telling you what it needs. Mine needs a cup of coffee, ha! I'm not sure what colour tells you that though...

Love Katie x

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