Portrait a day


  So this month I've started a portrait-a-day project! It's been altogether amazing, but full of experiments, fun and hardcore challenges. I've found myself tested, which I really love. All my life I've found that being challenged is the way I produce results. Being pushed hard is the way I work best, and I've definitely found that with my new portrait project. So along with my other paintings,  I've completed a A5 portrait on contrasting colours. I've tried to spend no longer than an hour on each one, so I can learn to work quickly and get more done. They're so cute and full of colour and I really have had a lot of fun creating these. I feel like each one has it's own story and everyday I can see myself improving and getting more of a likeness to the model.Photo-14-11-2014-16-06-48

At first, I aimed to complete one a day, but this proved to be impossible with my busy schedule, so I ended up just doing one whenever I got chance. I think because of this I will keep it up, and try and do this for the next few months. Once you see progression in your work, it motivates you to keep getting better. Photo-18-12-2014-14-39-59

I'd love to know what your favourite colour combos are so let me know by tweeting me or find me on instagram. I'll keep my social media platforms updated with recent portraits so you can follow my project along with me.

Love Katie x