The truth about artists...


Is it possible that the most draining, hard-working & tiring job, can also be the most rewarding? Yes! When I first started out painting, I followed other artists and read their blog articles abut how hard work it is to be an artist. And you know what I thought?...'Yeh right! You're doing what you love all day in your PJs!'. But now I realise how wrong I was. Little did I realise how much work is included, that isn't even related to painting! Firstly, you have to be your own admin assistant - replying to email enquiries, printing labels and filling in excel spreadsheets. You have to be your own accountant - that dreadful time of the year - tax! Your own marketing department - shout about who you are and what you're trying to achieve. Even your own techie - learning to create websites and SEO (although I did know that the internet didn't live in a box - IT Crowd moment haha!) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And on top of all that - there's the actual painting and artistic journey that you have to keep time for. It really can be a struggle, especially when you have a house to clean and you can see your ironing pile every time you get a cup of tea! But it really is all worth it. I am the type of person who works better under stress and 'too much' to do, which I am incredibly thankful for, otherwise I may not have coped so well.

If you really want to  become an artist you have to be willing to put way more than 150% energy and commitment in, otherwise it just won't work.

But I wouldn't change anything whatsoever, because it fulfils me. It satisfies that need I have colour up those blank canvasses with my 'artistic mess'. It is truly wonderful being your own boss - as long as you know when to stop procrastinating. ;) Every kind comment I receive on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other of my social media pages, it fills my heart with happiness and gratitude to those who support me.

So whatever your dream is, you can get there, with hard work & tea!