10 tips to help sell your art


I get asked many, many times a day how I got started and what methods I use to sell my art. So this post is for you fellow artists who are trying to get your artwork 'out there' but can't seem to get results.

1. First of all I will say...don't spend money on marketing! Not when you're first getting your business started anyway. Once you have a substantial monthly earning from your art, you can set aside a budget for this. It is totally unnecessary if you are on social media.

2. Share your journey with your followers. They don't always want to see just the finished product. Show them some 'behind-the-scenes' shots. Instagram, Twitter & Facebook are perfect for this!

3. Consistency is key. Try and post at least once every day, but no more than three posts per day.

4. Be honest in your work ethic. Whether this is explaining the process, the quality of materials used or the delivery date - be honest and people will trust you.

5. Be inspiring, not selly. If you want to sell your artwork, you have to sell yourself and your process. Then the sale will follow. No body wants to see constant promotion...bore!

6. Start a blog. Although this is not completely necessary, it really helps your admirers see your personality more. When I started my blog, one of my dearest family members said that it gave another dimension to my artwork. So it really helps build a story around your art.

7. Chat with your followers. If they leave you a lovely comment, make sure you say thank you. If you have chance, check their profile and return the interest. Building relationships is important and you will view your followers as friends - not numbers!

8. Spend time on photos. Most people who admire artwork, are extremely visual. So make sure your photos are clean, bright and alluring. This is really important.

9. Believe in your artwork. If you're doing this just to make money, it's not going to work. You need to be passionate about what you do and create because you love it.

10. Quality, quality, quality. I understand that when you first start out, spending a lot on materials and packaging can leave you in a tricky position with money. So at first, only buy what you can afford. But as soon as you make a sale, make sure you put that money back into your business. Buying better quality paint, canvas, paper & packaging etc. I did this for the first year or so, and now I have great quality materials that last much longer - and they're much nicer to use of course ;)

I'd LOVE to hear your comments and tips too. Make sure you message me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Love Katie x