How to...Create Depth!


When I first started professionally painting I remember carefully approaching the white canvas in front of me. I would (almost fearfully) start adding paint with my brush and trying to perfect my painting instantly. Now more than two years later, I have learnt to 'throw' on the paint and get lost in the creative process, whilst still creating something I love. I've found that the more layers I add on, the better I like it. I have recently been working on a collection of ocean paintings, which I feel I could dive right into.Β 

I've always loved painting seascapesΒ , usually adding around 2/3 layers of paint. But I never felt 100% satisfied with their 'depth'. (Depth meaning the the feeling of looking into a painting.) Β With my new collection, each painting has at least 8 layers of paint!...and most are still works in progress.

Each painting has an acrylic base when I planned out the horizons & waves, and then I added texture with the oil paint.

I hope you like them so far :) If you'd like more information and to possibly reserve a painting, please email me at

Love Katie x