How to be positive in the studio

So we've all had those days, where we feel so passionate about our new idea, we just can't wait to get to the studio. Despite the overflowing excitement, whether it's to try out something new from the art shop, or a brand new painting idea, sometimes it seems to all go wrong. Why?... I am totally guilty of having a 'concentrating face'. You know, when you are completely unaware of that sideways tongue, pursed lips, or the deep frown. Until somebody points it out to us, or we see the wrinkles start developing in the mirror (and yes I'm already developing brow wrinkles - sigh). I recently found out from a researcher who looks into Cognition (thinking & processing ideas) & Emotions, and they found out that facial expressions can affect your mood. Frowning can be an instant bad-mood maker.

Frowning can be an instant bad-mood maker

Suddenly those moments when I'm desperate for something to go right and all it does it go wrong, all made sense. I do have a huge habit of frowning/wincing my eyes when I paint, not only from thinking but also to help me perceive colours and shapes. But there are so many times I get frustrated at my work. So now for the next week or so I am going to try and be more conscious of what my face is doing. On occasion I might even smile and laugh my way through a painting and see the difference it makes!

Try it, I'd love to know what you think!

Katie x