A World of Wisteria


wisteria painting As you probably know by now, Wisteria is one of my favourite flowers. (Arguably in a brawl for first place with peonies.) I just feel that it is SO magical, that it instantly transports me into a disney movie where I'm the princess! I'm sure it's not just me...

So with my most recent wisteria painting (which is huge) I added about seven coats of paint to really give it depth and feel like you could walk right into it. I've had it drying in my bedroom waiting to put it on Etsy, and I have grown to love it more everyday that it is now going to be hard to let go of. But my house is starting to rip at the seams with art, so I have to learn to let it go, for somebody else to enjoy it. That's the thing with art though, they aren't just pictures for decoration. They have a piece of us in them, even if we haven't created them, there's some emotional bond that feels so personal. Like a secret between you both.

So here's some 'in process' photos and you can click the photos to see it on Etsy...or click here.