Inspired by the Sea


I spent a week in Devon, England, sleeping literally next to the ocean on the edge of a cliff. It was so beautiful listening to the waves whilst dozing off to sleep and really does beat listening to them on an app on my phone! In between eating chips, boarding and un-knotting my hair, I actually managed to get some art done. I always had the intentions of painting by the sea, but when you're hot and you have to carry your equipment - the idea of sunbathing instead usually wins. But nevertheless, I did it! And it was absolutely amazing. I managed to find this quiet spot on the edge of a cliff (which I almost lost ALL of my stuff as it started rolling away haha) where I wouldn't be interrupted and spent a couple of hours there. It was so lovely to be able to paint the colours I could see right there, rather than off a photograph. If I lived nearer the sea I would always paint from reality. It actually made it a lot harder as the waves kept moving (obviously) but it was nice to have a new challenge that I'd never experienced before. Here's some snaps anyway so you can see what Devon is like! Katie x