Amazing colours to paint with right now


(Left to right) Quinacridone magenta, Cadmium green pale, Cobalt turqouise light, Pthalo turquoise

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One of the main reasons why I love painting - is because I love colour! It is my favourite thing about life and brings people so much happiness. These are 4 of my prettiest colours that I adore painting with. Funnily enough when I was picking out my favourites for this blog post I thought I would go for slightly less obvious ones, but when grouped together I realised one thing. They are all extremely vibrant. This made me realise that it is bright colours that make me the happiest, and that's why I paint with them. Even when I try and paint with toned down colours, I can't help myself but grab a dollop of bright green and wash it over my painting. There's a whole lotta darkness in the world, so if I can brighten it up a little with some magenta, then I will! Below are some examples of the colours used in my paintings.

Click on a painting if you want more info.

Love Katie x