Creative ways to reinvent yourself


One way that being an artist fulfils me is my constant need to reinvent myself. This would be extremely difficult in a restrictive job, but with a creative job, I can experiment and learn new things every day. I've noticed this quality in a lot of the artists I follow on Instagram, that there is this almost obsession with starting fresh and I think it's a really great way to learn more about yourself.

Portrait Work, 2013

In the beginning I started painting faces/figures, which really challenged me, and that is how I learnt a lot about drawing.

Floral Work, 2014





Then I moved onto florals , where I could experiment more with colour and relax with shapes. My love for the sea eventually came through in my work, and I loved creating the depths of colour. Painting the ocean is really so relaxing and had a really good effect on my mood.


Large-scale floral, 2014

I sometimes find myself struggling with anxiety (don't we all) and having oceans hanging up everywhere in my studio let me 'breathe' again. Now I am currently working on figures and the sea, and am learning more about acrylic paints. I realise I love acrylics for the quick drying layers, and I can build up so many more layers. Acrylic has this lovely quality of transparency, so with each layer I add, the colour beautifully shines through.

Sometimes I worry that this constant fresh work, can confuse and give a mixed message of what I'm about. Some have mentioned that I could sell a lot more work if for the past few years I stuck to one style and subject. But the main reason I create is for me - and that will never change. So in the end whether I sell one or ten pieces of art a week, I will continue to express myself through my work and never 'paint to sell'.

Seascape, 2015

So whatever your passion is, constantly reinvent yourself by exploring what it is you really love to create. Never be afraid to experiment. And be confident in your work.

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Love Katie x




Seascapes, 2015

Beach Babes, 2015

Mini Beach Babes, 2015