Art Inspiration


I've been travelling to Cuba recently and it's a place so full of art inspiration. The local markets are brimming with art, and the artists are so passionate. The ocean is like a turquoise jewel, as you catch a glimpse through the trees. Local musicians play on a rooftop bar, giving you goosebumps as you suddenly have the desire to play the double bass. Cuba is a place of intense history and it was really important for me to support the locals as much as we could. I could go on and on about the inspiring culture, but instead I'll just show you a glimpse.

So I guess that's enough holiday snaps for now. But for the bit you're probably more interested has it affected my art?

Art Inspiration

It's no secret I adore the ocean. In the UK, we're not blessed with palm trees, crystal clear waters or white powder sand. So when I travel, I soak it all up and take a billion photographs. After approximately...1 hour after being home I miss the turqouise water. So I painted it! Here are some sneak previews on my very recent work. The only other place I have showed these so far is on my Instagram stories. (So make sure you follow me there for recent updates @katiejoblingart).

These are all acrylic paintings and I'm going to be building them into a series. If you'd like to stay informed as to when they are released, sign up for 'Studio Updates' to the right of this blog post.

This series will be similar to my last ocean paintings release. I use mostly a palette knife and try to use as less colours as possible by mixing my own. But I can definitely see a difference in the style. You can read about my last release here.

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Love Katie x