Artists Block?!


Hey guys! Hope you had a really lovely weekend break! As much as I love holidays, I also can't wait to get back to work and start ticking off my to-do list. Now I'm going to be straight with you guys - I'm stuck!! I've tried to paint so many times over the past week and I just sit in my art studio wondering what to do. The longer I sit there, the more those dreaded self-loathing feelings come to me. Now, I know the term for this is artists block...but it feels more like a mad panic! I have had moments like these before, and yes...of course I always snap out of it. But I've still not worked out Β the magic formula. I know that painting in the evening with music and a glass of wine has helped in the past, so I might just send Nathan to the shop for the needed tipple. Part of the problem is my desperationΒ to want to paint everything! I scroll through the posts of my favourite artists on Instagram and I have so much admiration for their work. It makes me think...what can I do to make my work better...more absorbing...more desiring, yet still be satisfying to my creative soul.Β 

I worked so hard on my recent seascape collection and sometimes was creating up to three paintings a day. I'm wondering now whether it is possible to run your creative battery out, and whether mine needs re-charging again. So for now, I'm going to focus on creating YouTube videos for you all, finishing my current commission work and up-keeping my blog.

I've also had a surge of wanting to be healthy, and of course all this cooking from scratch is very tiring and a lot of hard work. Especially in addition to three-times a week gym workout classes. As I'm writing this, it's becoming more and more clear that maybe I just need to slow down and stop expecting so much of myself. #mylifestory

For now, I will keep searching for inspiration among the old masters and the newbies of today. If you have any tips for 'artists block' it would be amazing if you could let us all know - just comment below 😀

Love Katie x