Creative Fulfilment


So yet again, I find myself inspired by a totally new subject. In my art journeys, I've often felt guilty of changing to a new subject. It's as though all my experimentation with flowers, or oceans, suddenly doesn't count for much anymore. I think it's because so many artists who are successful have a very strict theme, which resonates through their work for years. I find this duel inside me. One for carrying on my story I've already half completed and becoming known for my flowers; for example. Then this other side, who searches for creative fulfilmentย and needs more than just flowers. I want to experiment with oceans, and forests, animals...the list goes on.

The Heart Wants What it Wants

For now I'm going to follow the path that my heart desires. I feel like what we feel inside, can sometimesย be the best guidance. I don't want to let my head, lead me down a path where I don't feel fulfilled. And although focusing on one subject might be better in a business sense, I want to stay authentic because that's what it the most interesting to people. I can always tell the difference between a painting that had my heart and soul in it, then one that was created out of 'shoulds'. And usually, so can my followers.

Creative Fulfilment

So I've decided to carry on following my creative instinct and even if my orders slow down and even come to a stop, I'veย still been successful. Because it's when your heart is full that brings happiness, not the bank. I hope you like my new direction and if you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings shown, or would like a commission, please email me at You can see a few of them in my shop here, and it join the creative journey on my Instagram here.

Love Katie x