DIY: Paint a beach babe!

DIY painting

I really want to share how easy it is to create your own beach babe! You can use whatever paints you have...I'm going to use acrylic as that's probably what most people will be using.

For this beach babe DIY you will need:

  • Paint (acrylics, watercolours, oil paints, gouache are all fine) Colours - Yellow Ochre, Red, Ultramarine, Orange, White & bikini colour of your choice :)
  • Paintbrush (again most shapes will be fine)
  • Surface (paper, canvas, any surface will do)
  • Palette (you can use a paper plate, cupcake cases or any surface you don't mind ruining)
  • Jar of water (or turps if you're using oil)
  • Paper towel

1. Prepare the above materials for starting your painting.Β 














2. Paint in the basic lines and shape of your chosen babe. (I used a photo reference of Pinterest).

DIY Painting















3. Add in the darker areas using a mixture of orange, blue.

DIY Painting















4. Add the hair and/or a hat, along with some other shades of colour. Try mixing red, yellow ochre, and a teeny bit of blue, with white. This is the fun part as there are no rules, just mix different colours until you get one you like. As long as you focus of the dark and light areas of the image you're working from, and try and create the same tone with the colour you mix.

DIY Painting














5. Now mix some of those skin colours you have made with white on your palette, until you find a nice light creamy colour. And simply add in blocks of colour where you see the highlights on the reference photo. It's a nice touch to add a couple of pure white dots in the brightest areas, to give it an extra 3D edge. Careful though - too much and it will lose it's effect. Β 

DIY Painting














6. Now of course we need to dress her (unless you want a nude of course)Β so you can design whichever bikini you want! I chose purple because I could use the colours I already had on the palette.

DIY Painting














And that's it! You have created you very own beach babe - well done!

I'd absolutely love to see yours so please message me on Instagram or Twitter :)

Love Katie x