How I stay creative and inspired


I absolutely LOVE to hear about what inspires artists. It is so personal and unique to each artist and something I find fascinating. I thought I'd share some things that keep me passionate and how I stay creative and inspired. This post focusses mainly on my 'collections'.

Firstly is my beloved seaglass collection, any of you that have been following me on my journey will know I adore seaglass! I find it so magical, how it travels around the world (possibly) and ends up on our coast, where we pick it up as a keepsake. We have no idea what it was used for, where it came from and how long it's been in the ocean. But we accept it unconditionally as a treasure! Well - I do :) ...

I love magazines for their abundance in photos and colours. I usually rip something out that I spot within seconds. I have absolutely TONS of snippets of colour combos I like, people, shapes, anything really. I also collect my paint scrapings, yes these are the bits of paint that dry on the palette and I have to literally put everything I have into scraping them off. But they look so pretty all together in my jars. When I feel like a painting isn't working or feeling discouraged about my artwork, they really help. I feel like these paint scrapings have been with me from the start. They are moments from all my paintings that I've ever created and they make me realise it's not about one painting. It's the process and the journey that I have been on as an artist. Here's some pics that I took today from around my studio.

Love Katie x