Keep Art Fresh


Of course it's always good to have a recognisable style, but why always stick to the same thing? Whether it's changing your subject or what you work with, it helps me re-focus when I change something about the way I work. I have read so many articles about how artists should be a master of one thing, but does that mean that Matisse or Monet did it wrong?! Exactly! They painted people, landscapes, flowers & seascapes. It helps you grow as an artist to challenge yourself.

One artist I spoke to recently told me how much he hated watercolours, he said he couldn't stand how hard they were to control. Then I meet another artist, who adores them and that is all she works in. You will only know if you experiment and give it a try.

Being a true artist is about getting out of your comfort-zone, (especially when we have to post our work to the world to be judged) so go for it and try something new!

Love Katie x

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