Colour Me Floral


Flowers make me happy. But then again...don't they make all women happy?! That's why when I created my first floral oil painting, I felt this happiness through me like a huge sunshine. I think it was because I could express how I felt the flowers, rather than only what I could see. When I created an online poll on my social media, which were your favourite: florals or seascapes.....florals won almost by double!! This shows that hopefully my floral paintings make others happy too. I use imagination and reference photos to build up a painting, taking bits and pieces from different images and creating my own arrangement on the canvas. Colours for me are a very important part too, they don't have to be realistic, I inject the moods I feel into the colours. Matisse will always be my floral hero. I love all of his paintings, his portraits & landscapes too. His colour arrangement is truly beautiful.

MatissePhoto 27-07-2014 18 15 55 Photo 26-07-2014 15 01 56 Photo 26-07-2014 15 04 45Photo 26-07-2014 14 44 57