My Paint Calls


Sometimes I have the need to paint so much that I really can't sit still. I will go upstairs to my studio-room half-way through a movie, because I can't seem to think about anything else! For somebody that paints every day, its a little excessive but necessary habit. It usually happens in the evening because that's when my 'creative brain' wakes up. The downside to this being extreme tiredness if you've been up early too, but some of my best paintings have been created this way. I have theory (only a theory) about why this is.... If my rational, too-much-thinking brain shuts down around 10pm, then my paintings rely completely on my 'creative' side of the brain. So instead of my brain saying 'did I bring the washing in', it just says '---------' . Which allows the brush to take over and the flow to be undisturbed. paint-callsWith everyday tasks, washing, hoovering etc, it is only the physical energy you need. With whatever art you create, it also needs creative energy! In the afternoon, when I have no other jobs sometimes I get desperate and  try and force painting...........No. Definitely not a good idea - and I've learnt the hard way (still am). I always hate my paintings when this happens and usually end up recycling the canvas. If you paint when you need to, the paintings will be honest & from your soul, not your head. Love Katie x