Q & A - Questions answered!


So I've been wanting to do a post like this for a long time, because I get tons of questions on social media about how I work. I thought it would be nice to compile all the answers to show a little bit more about me. Inspiration

Q: What inspires you to paint? A: Anything! I know that is totally an annoying answer, but it is true. Most of the time it is seeing a beautiful colour, that I instantly want to recreate and plaster all over a canvas. And colours can be found everywhere! Music inspires me to 'create' specifically, but my mood shows me 'what' to create.

Q: What do you think of whilst painting? A: When I am painting, it entirely sucks me in, so in a way I'm no longer conscious of what is going on around me. Rather than actively thinking about anything, it is more subconscious thinking, (like that drowsy stage before you fall asleep). Naturally my mood and the way I am feeling,come out into my paintings through brush strokes & colour.

Q: Do you listen to music while you paint? A: Yes and no. I absolutely love music! Anything from Metallica to Lana Del Rey, with a large chunk of indie-rock inbetween. But sometimes I find it can take away my concentration and stops me from completely being pulled into my painting. It keeps me 100% conscious, which can easily have a downward effect on my art. This is because you need to use 100% only your 'arty' side of the brain, where as words (lyrics) will bring in the more 'logical' side of the brain. Hope this isn't too confusing! Music with no words will definitely help rather than hinder.

Q: Which artists inspire you most? A: This is always such a hard one, because every artist inspires me to some degree! A couple of artists who have helped me believe in myself are Hannah Adamaszek & Emily Jeffords. Their work is equally beautiful & inspiring.


Q: Do you use acrylic or oil paint? A: Oil paint, oil paint, oil paint, oil paint :) although...I love acrylic paint for it's fast drying, therefore getting more painting done

Q: How much planning do you do before starting a piece? A: This is a really interesting question, because planning can start from an initial idea of 'feeling' that you want to put across. But it can sometimes take me up to 3 months to actually figure about how I want to put it across. Other times I just feel it in me and go crazy on my canvas, and feel absolutely exhausted afterwards. But those kind of pieces usually are my favourite, because they have not been over-thought, but are pure and honest.

Q: How did you become a painter? A: I've always loved painting, but was always embarrassed when people saw my work. I am naturally a fairly shy person who is about 0% confident in anything I do. So for me this was a not only about painting but changing myself to be more confident. And it has! So through practising every day and realising that not every piece will be perfect, but enjoying it all the same, here I am! My advice to anyone who wants to become an artist is not to be shy, but share your work with anyone who wants to see it. People will respond - and hopefully want to buy it!

Q: What's your favourite colour scheme? A: Ooo this is a hard one! It probably changes every day - probably more! I am a colour-obsessed girl! At the current moment - it is probably aqua & magenta, with a hint of green. I hardly ever play to safe with colours. :)

Q: What palette do you use? A: A glass one! It is an absolute wonder with oil colours because you can just scrape all the mess away the very next day and start fresh. I cannot stand to see a palette where there is colour mess on top of (different colour) colour mess! It must really play with your eyes. I got my glass palette of the internet, but I also have a glass copping board, which you can grab from any homeware store. And I have also used photo frame glass before, but just make sure the edges are surround with washi tape to stop any cuts - ouch! You can see my DIY Glass palette post here. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Q: Favourite artists materials? A: My favourite artist oils are probably Windsor & Newton. But they are really accessible to me so I haven't tried many other brands. I find their consistency & colour lovely. One day I will try some really posh oil colours, but rent comes first. My favouritest brushes ever...are Windsor & Newton hog bristle brushes. They are truly lovely with oil paint.

I hope that answers some of your questions and if you have any more just ask! Don't forget to sign up to more blog posts (enter your email to the right hand side box at the top).