Social Media as an Artist


Like a lot of things, social media is a coin. It has two sides, everyone has one & it's you're choice how you use it. Social media has many wonderful benefits. It draws people together and makes us feel a part of something bigger. Many start building a business using social platforms, and even just down to sharing our special moments with family. But like a coin, there's another side, a dark shadow that can lurk out and grab you when you're completely unaware. Let me just start with a disclaimer here: yes, I do use social media everyday (who doesn't). Yes, the only reason I can do what I love everyday, is because of social media. Yes, it has helped me find my path, given me inspiration and positivity in the darkest of days. I will never regret using it the way I have, and I am truly thankful to everybody that follows me and supports me on my profiles.

Lately I've realised though, the negative effects. The obsession with 'checking' my post, usually to make sure there are no negative or abusive comments. In general, 95% of my comments are beautiful, inspiring, appreciative comments that fill my heart with gratitude and acceptance. Sadly though, the other 5% take up a lot more room in my brain than the good. It can be exhausting, sitting waiting for negativity. It's like sitting in front of a judging panel of thousands of people, everyday, all day. The pressure really can have an impact on your mentality & happiness.

Has it got silly?

I've noticed the popularity of these concentration apps. The aim is to stay away from your phone, and stay focused on your task, and by doing so you can grow a tree or fruit. This is so typical of our human nature. We spend so much money on expensive phones, and time on building our social media profiles. Now we download apps to stop us using them. Is it just me who finds this confusing and backwards? As humans, we tend to get used to what were once luxuries. And instead of a balanced use, we become addicted to the point where it damages our health. Junk food, computer games and of course social media are to name a few.

I have come to the conclusion, that whilst social media can be the tool to get our art noticed and start building a career. It can also damage us to the point we don't make art anymore. Constantly feeling defeated by everybody else's success and talent, sucks out the joy and creativity that makes us artists.



In 2018 for a period of time, I am going social media free! It feels like a relief almost just saying that. I will still be writing on my blog, so if you miss me, you can meet me here. But I am going to take some time out to focus on myself, my artwork, my mental health.

If you come away from Instagram feeling bad about yourself, or your own life, then join me on a detox! I think we'll feel much happier and get a more balanced view of life. I will be back, hopefully with a fresh mind and perspective, ready to connect with you lovely lot again :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this topic, and your own experiences with social media?