The Meaning of my Work

Imagine you're running. It's been a long day, there are so many things on your mind. Running clears your head and helps you feel in control. Your feet pelt the ground and the breeze whips you in the face. What are you thinking about? I'm guessing that most runners don't think about running, whilst their running. They're working out their day, their thoughts and what's coming next. 

The same goes for painting, whatever the subject. People might assume that my flowers are about...well, flowers. Or my love for nature. And whilst, yes, I do have a love for nature. That is not the narrative that I want for my art. 

Truthfully, I suppose I don't want the meanings of my work to be obvious. Each and every brush stroke is a snippet of a story. My story. An expression of thought. My art is my visual diary; colours, shapes and atmosphere are all a part of my toolkit. 

It's important to me that people find something unique to them in my art. I recently had a customer that felt like my paintings encased her mothers love for the ocean. For me, that's more than anything I could ever wish for. When we look at art, it's how it affects us, the viewer, thats important. Do you have a piece of artwork in your home, by any artist, that has its own story? I'd love to know... x