Therapy...through brush strokes


I think people in general are almost afraid of showing their personal feelings. We seem to always show our best side online or when we go out, when really they're are a lot of people suffering on the inside. All this does though, is make others feel more alone. When I am painting, I feel as though all my emotional barriers have been stripped away. I feel vulnerable, but honest. It's not something I do intentionally. Rather, it's the effect of losing myself in a deep, conversation with the canvas sat in front of me. Because of this, I find myself emotionally attached to all of my paintings.

When people come round to my house, they often ask 'why haven't you hung any of your paintings up?" Instead my walls are decorated with photograph prints. This is because I don't just view my paintings as 'decoration', to me they are my diary. Which is fine, as other people don't read them in the same way I do. But do I want to constantly be reminded of my vulnerable side?....not all the time, no.

Instead my studio is where all my paintings are kept. When I walk in there, it's the place I can finally be myself. I can feel vulnerable and stripped back, because nothing judges me in there.....even if I do randomly dance crazy now and again :)

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I think it's important that sometimes we do show our more emotional side to other people, most of the time...they are feeling the same way!

Hope you had a wonderful bank holiday weekend!

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Love Katie x