Interior Mood Boards


Are you one of those people who knows exactly what they don't like, but find it hard to feel completely satisfied with a interior 'look' in your room? I am! When I fall in love with an item, I really fall in love. I don't stop thinking about it until I have it - which is sometimes a long time (saving up)! What this means, is that I have a lot of items I love, they just don't match together brilliantly. So I had an ingenious idea! I created secret board on Pinterest filled with all home decor I love, that looks great together too!

I found that I leaned towards things in the same colour band as my paintings. I started creating interior mood boards, based on my paintings. The paintings I have created these for so far are: "Tropicana", "Soft Petal" and "Coast". This really helps me to visualize the kind of room it would suit and how to make it 'work'. I would love some feedback on what you think! I'm not by any means an interior designer, so go easy on me :)

sea-mood-board rustic-mood-board wisteria-mood-board tropical-mood-board Floral-Neon-Mood-Board




I created them in Photoshop, and found most of the items also on Etsy. I adore Etsy for original, unique & modern feel. It seems like most shops on Etsy put in that extra special effort and detail into orders which makes all the difference. I find myself buying more and more from there everyday!

I will hopefully be creating some more when I have time, so if you have any tips or ideas, let me know!

Love Katie x