Watercolour Paintings


Hello everybody! Hope you're all having a wonderful Autumn and enjoying the orange hues of the leaves.

I've had a bit of a shift in my mediums and I can't stop experimenting with watercolours. Although I've always liked watercolours, they've never been my preferred medium - up till now! I have no idea what's caused this change, it might have something to do with my Winter brain being a bit slower than my Spring/Summer brain. This making me more patient with drying paint layers.watercolour_painting

I'm really digging the beautiful marks that watercolours make when they dry. It's sort of this stained, accidental look that is amazingly perfect for clouds and water. I'd love to know what you feel about this change in direction in my work.watercolour_ocean

You can see a speed painting of a watercolour sunset here too.

All of these paintings are for sale online here. I ship worldwide too and they make the perfect little gift.

Love Katie x