What it's like being an Artist?!


I get tons of messages everyday from people expressing how much of a dream it would be to follow their heart and become an artist. But how do you define being an artist? The answer will probably surprise you.

Is being an artist, a dream?

I would ALWAYS encourage somebody to follow their heart. If you set aside time for yourself everyday, doing something you enjoy, you will find life rewarding. It doesn't have to be a 'hobby' as such. It could be a walk in the park, playing with your children, reading...the list goes on. But I would like to make something very clear. For it to be rewarding, you don't need to be earning money from it.

You are an artist, if you enjoy painting, drawing, photography. You are an artist, if you feel like your work expresses you. I am sure that you will already be reaping all the benefits from this journey of creative expression. When you rely on your passion for money, all sorts of complications appear that you never knew existed.inprocess

'Being an Artist' Drawbacks

Firstly, you feel like you lose the sense of creative freedom. That your 'fans' might lose interest or respect for you if you choose to go down a different road. There is also the administration side (emails, websites, social media, meetings). If you want to sell work, people have to see it. It takes a lot of time and energy putting your work 'out there', which then leaves you tired to create. I also deal with heavy criticism for putting myself online. I'm sure we've all met an online 'troll' at some point. There is suddenly this immense pressure that people must love it.

Which leaves you questioning, am I staying true to myself? Or have I been making more of the painting that got a lot of 'likes' on Instagram. I regularly change my work to keep it interesting to me, and constantly challenge myself as to whether I have stayed true to myself. I can happily say a definite yes to this question.

Are you an artist?

I adore working as an artist. It gives me so much joy, and for once in my life I feel truly confident in myself and who I am. I get the chance to paint every day and earning money from it barely feels like work. I am truly fortunate to have the circumstances to be able to do this, and it isn't feasible that anybody could or should. But for those that are wishing to become an artist, the chances are you probably already are! Enjoy your passion without the pressure. Get truly lost in your creative adventures without the worries of selling it. That of course, is true art! 

Love Katie x