Wisteria Love


Wisteria just has to be my favourite plant (even though I hear myself saying that a lot! lol) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It's not about representing the shapes exactly, rather about how we perceive them. When I paint wisteria, I feel like I am standing amongst it with the breeze filtering through the draped petals. Instead of intensely trying to get each petal and leaf absolutely perfect, I prefer using abstract brush strokes to enjoy the creative flow and experience. Is it really about the finished project?...no not for me. It's mostly about the process and that's why I love sharing that part with my followers.

To get the effect in these paintings I only used a variety of greens and purples to create layers. Mixing the opposite colour brings down the saturation, so mixing purple and green can create a greyish version of that colour. Using this method you can create an illusion that there is a foreground. The crisper colours lay on top.


When I look at my favourite artists blog's, I'm just as interested in the making process as I am to what they have created. So I will try and do that as much as I can. This is sometimes hard, because usually I am my own photographer, so it is hard to get behind the camera whilst painting (obviously!)

I will be creating postcards of my wisteria paintings so I will keep you updated when they arrive in my shop. Also if you would like a print, just let me know and we can arrange something. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWisteria copy

And here's my mood board for some home inspiration :) I adore this look!

Love Katie x