Loosening Art Style

I’ve always enjoyed all sorts of art. But the more paintings I’ve been exposed to, have made me realise I feel much more absorbed by the loose impressionistic style. It has the suggestiveness mixed with the right amount of freedom. Throughout my time as an artist, I’ve found that more creative people have also been drawn to this same style.


Tips to Loosen Artwork

I feel much more absorbed by the loose impressionistic style

A lot of people comment on my social media, that they want their artwork to become more loose. There are many ways to achieve this, but firstly we need to start with the way our brain processes images. A tip I used when first starting to create more loose paintings, was to squint heavily at my reference image. I have known artists to remove their glasses, to intentionally blur their reference, whether that’s from life or a photograph. This is just one way to see less realistically.

Another way we can abstractify our reference, is to create studies using colour only. I used this technique earlier this year when I created my abstract pieces. I took reference images that inspired me, and took a few colours from them to create my own original idea.


We could use our brushstrokes, to suggest shapes, rather than an exact representation. I use this technique sometimes when creating petals or leaves in my floral work. Or, if you prefer using a palette knife, this is a great way to create bold marks with restrictions due to the knife shape.

Do you want to loosen your art style? Or do you prefer a more realistic painting? Let me know in the comments!