Artist Travels - French Alps

The immensity made me realise how tiny we really are in this world.

We took a hire car and decided to drive from Geneva, Switzerland to our ski lodge in the French alps. We went from driving main roads in a city, to suddenly being surrounded by trees and mountains in every direction. The trees felt like a protective barrier and made me feel safe and sheltered. They were towering higher than I could have ever imagined and it felt so magical.

For the next week we explored ice glaciers, snow capped mountains and waterfalls. The town we stayed in itself is called Montriond, a ski village which is very popular in the winter. We decided to stay in Summer and I already cannot wait to return.

I wanted to share a few sketchbook pages from my travels. I didn’t get to do as much painting as I’d have liked, as I was too busy exploring and taking it all in. We had a relaxing balcony that looked out onto the town. This became my makeshift studio for a few days. A glass of red wine, painting in my sketchbook on a balcony in the French Alps. (Pinch me!)

These were done with a travel sized Cotman watercolour palette & Moleskine journal. I used a white gel pen to add details.

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