New Release - Mini Florals

I love creating little florals because aren’t mini things just the best! Today I am releasing not only these little 5x7” paintings, but also miniature paintings with their own easel.

Most of these little paintings are in oil paint, some are made with high quality acrylic. This size canvas is perfect for me to experiment with colours and placement, and I enjoy it much more than painting medium size. I use a selection of reference images and create my own bouquets using these. That’s why some flowers might make it to more than one painting…greedy flowers!

Firstly I create a base and map where I want the flowers to go. Then I start building up the layers using bold brush strokes and a palette knife. Using a palette knife gives it great texture and oil paint holds the paint really well, which gives a 3d effect.

They make a perfect little gift and add a pop of colour to that desk or shelf. You don’t need a frame because they stand up by themself, with them being painted onto a deep edge frame. This makes them super simple to display and ready to adorn your house or office.

You can view the whole collection of paintings here.