A Peek at the New Series


I've been a little busy bee in the studio! I have already created twenty ocean paintings and there are plenty more to come. The response I've had from you all on social media is amazing, thank you, it spurs me on to keep creating art. It's taken a while to think about what I wanted this series to be called, because I wanted the name to be perfect. It had to convey the subject (the ocean) but also give a feel to the works and what they are about. I don't like names which are too obscure, but then again something must be left to the imagination. So now for the big reveal...

sea painting

'The Sea and the Rhythm' is what I decided to name my new art series. I felt like it perfectly conveyed the idea of rhythmic waves hitting the stationery rocks on the seabed. Rocks feature in most of my new works, and it wasn't intentional. Thats how I know that my work is not contrived in any way, because I never plan my art. When it just happens, I know it is real, from my soul. I thing that it was the contrast that drew me to the rocks. The waves crashing into the motionless, lifeless rock and spewing over the top. It reminded me of life and how you must wash over the obstacles that it gives you. I've also noticed that when I'm looking around my art studio at my new paintings and thing about this analogy, they have given me strength. I am intrigued as to whether this will happen to others, or if it is just because I created these works.

It is also the name of one of my favourite Iron & Wine songs, which I listen to a lot whilst painting. Its brings such a lovely vibe to my studio and makes it a place of tranquility which I can create. I don't always listen to music but when I do, I love Iron & Wine and William Fitzsimmons. They both have  beautiful storytelling lyrics, that really give you an uplifted sensation, which I hope too, comes out in my artwork.

I'd love to hear what effect this set of paintings has on you and what they make you think about. Contact me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook - I'd love to hear from you!

My new collection 'The Sea and the Rhythm' will be available 14th March. If you leave your email below, I will notify you when the paintings are available.

Love Katie x[mc4wp_form id="1471"]painting