Abstract Artwork


If you're familiar with my work, you'll know that generally, my work is more impressionistic. I've always admired abstract artist's and their work. In the past, my abstract artwork has never really progressed into anything more than experiments. I'm not sure what changed recently. Maybe it's the new studio, and being surrounded by more air to move. Maybe it's the (very) stressful family circumstances the past few weeks, that has me feeling scared and uncertain. Somehow this past few weeks, I feel like abstract artwork, for me, has just clicked.


Working Big

I feel like there is nothing better than a huge canvas to work on. It's the perfect way of expressing your feelings when you work big; full arm movements and stretching onto tiptoes etc. My canvas sizes have always been restricted by the room size. But now I can work larger than ever with all this new space.

These canvasses are 36" and it's so much fun!

Mixed Media


These paintings are mostly acrylic, but they have hints of chalk pastel markings. I love the opacity of chalk and the beautiful colour it gives. I also have used a palette knife in parts, scraping away paint and adding it in. This is the first time I have used these two mediums together and so far, I love the effect. Using chalk means you must use a fixative spray, which I will do when they are finished. 


These will be available in a few months, but if you like one you see you can reserve it. Email me at shop@katiejobling.com to enquire prices and other info. Or I'd love to create a custom piece for you, you can find more info here.


You can also stay in the loop with current paintings on my Instagram, Facebook & Twitter