Floral Artwork


As the colder weather has come upon us, I crave the warmth of Summer, along with it's bold colours. Don't get me wrong, I love Winter, but it can seem a little bleak and we all need that pick me up. So this month I've been painting floral artwork in oil to bring back the vibrancy to the studio.  I just adore these deep, jewel tones and feel like the colours are even richer in person. In fact, I'm struggling to part with these paintings, but I have too many already! I've also created a couple of commissioned bouquet paintings this month and it's always such a joyful process. It makes me so happy when someone falls in love with something I have made. Every time it's such a beautiful experience.

New Floral Artwork

Here's some of my new floral artwork, and they make the perfect gift. The smaller 5x7" oil on canvas, sit perfectly on a desk or shelf. I love dotting them around my office for a little injection of colour and happiness. Oil paint also gives such an unforgiving richness of colour which is so vibrant it really does stand out.

I regularly experiment with other subjects and even delved into abstract work recently. But I always come back to florals, every time. I think it's because they have such an elegance, and they instantly make me relax when I look at them.

If you have any queries about any artwork, send me an email to shop@katiejobling.com and I'd be happy to help.

If you're interested in a commissioned piece, you can find more details here.  Keep a lookout for new work, over on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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