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Hi friends! So lately I've been painting lots of commissions, which has meant that I can't really share a lot (yet) and that I haven't done a lot of personal paintings. So this blog is more of an art diary about what I've been up to. Most of my commissions lately have been for wedding bouquet paintings, which I adore painting, because they feel so special and personal. If you would like a custom painting of your wedding bouquet, you can ask me for more info at

Anyway, this week has been sooooo busy, but I wanted to share some moments from inside my studio and what I've been creating. I also do graphic design work for a local magazine, which is another creative aspect of my life that I love. It's completely different to creating with paint, but it is definitely still an art.

I also had time to paint some doodles in my sketchbook. I have recently bought the Moleskine Watercolour sketchbook and I actually really like it. I was thinking of doing reviews of different art products, is that something that anybody would be interested in?...Let me know. Sketchbooks are brilliant for when you want to try out new things, and for when you want to paint just for fun. They are like diaries that you can fill out, and they're great fun to look back through them at a later date.

I also have a new YouTube video up about how you can 'fix watercolour mistakes'.

Hoped you like this art diary, I could this kinda thing more often. Little updates from my studio, now and again. Have a lovely week & keep creating!

Love Katie x


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