Art Inspiration


I am always on Instagram or Pinterest looking for new inspirations, and this usually gets me into the studio to create. It's like I get a sudden injection of energy, not physical but creative. I really wanted to share these with you, as I love to see what inspires other artists; it's like getting a glimpse into their brain. Disclaimer: None of these images are my own. Please click the image to see it's source. 

Art Inspiration

  1. My Pinterest Board Pinterest has to be one of the best sources of inspiration for me. It's 100% visual, so for us arty types who respond to images more than text, it is brimming with drawings & paintings that can get us on the inspiration band-wagon. Click the image to see my collection of inspiring artists. 

YouTube Artists

2. YouTube Artists I have recently become slightly obsessed with YouTube. It's great for artists who are alone a lot of the time, as it feels as though you are 'chatting' to other artists. It is also great for connecting and understanding your favourite artists. I have created a playlist of my favourite artist videos that get me back in the studio. Grab a coffee and feel uplifted. Click image to see the playlist.

instagram artist

3. Instagram Artists These are four of my recent favourite Instagram artists. I find new artists I love every week, so this changes regularly but right now these accounts have had me obsessing! @craigwaddellartist @derekoverfield @furrylittlepeaches

These are the wonderful artists and creators that have inspired me recently. Hope you enjoy their work too! I've love to hear who your favourite artists are. Tag me their profile on Instagram or pop their name in a comment down below. Make sure you follow my Instagram @katiejoblingart to get pretty art photos to your feed!

Love Katie x