The Best Artist Resource


Have you ever felt like the reason you're not there yet, is because you don't have the right tools? I dealt with this struggle for the first two years I took up painting. The reason I wasn't good at painting, was because I didn't have fine art oils. And the reason I couldn't start my YouTube channel yet, was because my art studio wasn't finished. Well today I want to speak about the only artist resource you need.

The Truth

Of course, these were not the reasons. But in a mind that is overwhelmed by the success of others and feeling like there was no point trying, they come as pretty good excuses. Social media has helped me so much in my journey as an artist. I have numerous sources of inspiration, reference & connections. But along with that, comes seeing everybody's 'best side' all the time. When you scroll through your instagram, you see the most amazing parts of people's lives. Their beautiful home, their perfect children, their best artwork, a dreamy studio....and the list goes on. What we easily forget, is that just because nobody broadcasts their problems, doesn't mean they don't have any.

(All this is probably coming from my own insecurities, and you might be like...'what is this girl on about?!' So I apologise if my ramblings make no sense.)

This commercial system is designed to make us always want more. I have found that my 'wish-list' never expires, because there is always something new to put on it. What I wish I had realised sooner, is that no matter what you own, it will never make you a better artist. Even if a you believe a beautiful big studio with dreamy windows, or stacks of art supplies will help. The matter of the fact is, our artwork is dependant on our passion, our work ethic and drive.

The best artist resource is yourself! Please never let the feeling of not having enough, stop you from making art. Because your incredible brain is all you need <3 x