New Releases


Ocean paintings are always something I love to create, and I've worked so hard on this collection and enjoyed every second. I've been waiting SO long to share these with you, and I'm so excited to announce this new collection is now available for purchase.

The Collection

I have used oil & acrylic paint in these artworks, giving them a vibrant edge and interesting detail. My most used tool in this collection was my palette knife, which I used to give the paintings texture and create lots of layers. 'Captivate' {pictured below} is the largest painting, measuring at 24x36". I love this painting because it really draws you in and would be so beautiful on any wall.

There are two longer rectangular paintings named, 'Show Me The Sea' & 'Wash Over Me', which are both 16x40". These would look so perfect above a sofa, fireplace or dining table. I think they would also look great together as a set. The palette knife has made abstract edges and blocks of colour, that make sense once you stand back and I love the vibrancy in these pieces.

The smaller studies {seen framed} are ideas, moments of my relationship with the sea. The first is a colourful representation. With playful, decisive brushstrokes in oil paint. The second is more moody and dark, with a hint of golden iridescence in the clouds. These are both A3 size {30x42cm} on canvas board and are ready to be framed.

Shipping & FAQs

These paintings would be the perfect edition to any home and they come shipped worldwide in very safe packaging. If you would like to ask me any questions regarding these paintings, feel free to leave a comment, and I will get back to you. You can see more images of the collection here.