Summer Evenings


For the first time in….let’s just say a long time, I've barely had chance to paint. Usually you will find me up in my art room with paintbrush in hand at least 3 hours a day. But no…not this week! Whether it be thunder-storm craft fairs, or family summer evenings sitting around the fairy lights, life has been a lot busier and jam-packed. I can’t say I don’t like it this way. Summer should always be filled with packed lunch days out and ‘marshmallow toasting’ evenings accompanied by acoustic guitar. It has been a dreamy week.

Because of this, I’m not going to feel guilty or panic about the lack of work produced, but instead to enjoy it. Too many of us worry each day, instead of just enjoying the natural flow (the ups and the downs) of life. So right now take a deep breath and enjoy this exact moment. We have so much goodness to be thankful for.Photo-19-07-2014-09-48-55 Photo-19-07-2014-09-48-23Photo-19-07-2014-15-43-54