Dealing with Criticism - Artist Struggles


The biggest hurdle to overcome as an artist is self-acceptance. I know everybody struggles with this to a degree, but it can be extremely difficult to put something that you feel so connected to, out there for the world to judge. It can cause all kind of anxiety and obsession when dealing with criticism. This is one of the biggest struggles I've had to overcome myself, and it's still an ongoing thing. P1019859 Artists of any kind, musicians, painters, dancers etc., all put so much emotion into their work, it can be difficult to hear negative comments. But, this is what you 'sign up for' when you publish your work online, and it has to be expected. If you take a moment to realise that no matter how amazing it is, there will always be somebody that doesn't like it, it can help with accepting your own work. Partly because all of us just have different ideas of what is 'good', but also because they're are a lot of trolls online these days who just like to be negative. Once I realised that, I decided not to care (to a degree) what others thought, and just to create and share what I want. After all, that is what makes you authentic.purple-lade

Self-acceptance is one of the most important things in this world. Especially for young ones who can be fooled by other peoples 'perfect life' Instagram posts. To realise that most of it is just a front, takes a lot of maturity and confidence.

So to anyone struggling with self-acceptance're not alone. We all struggle with it daily. Even if we look super-confident on the outside, or our social media's look like we're always happy and positive, it's just because we're deciding not to show the other side.

Love yourself and let yourself be imperfect - it's what makes us human!

Love Katie xP1014856