Why I Love Painting Mountains

sereneI have always loved mountains, ever since I was a little girl and we would visit Wales or Scotland. Me and Dad would have snowball fights in Summer because we were that high up! I feel so free when I'm up a mountain, like it's so easy to breathe. I do get anxiety, especially when there's a lot of people, so maybe that's why. When you're up a mountain there's nothing but you and sheep/goats, sometimes beautiful deer (depending which mountain). It's probably the memory of family snowball fights that inspires me paint snowy mountains. I started painting mountains a year or so ago but I wanted to share them with you as they still feel very special. You can also purchase the originals and prints heremisty_bliss









I loved using pinks & blues in this piece as I feel like they make it dreamlike. You can just make out the charcoal drawing underneath, mapping out the structure to the mountain. I sprayed the charcoal to stop it smudging, then painted over it with oil paints. I loved using charcoal a lot and felt it really gave the mountain depth, so it was a shame to paint over it. This is what inspired me to paint my next collection of mountain paintings.


As you can see, I kept the charcoal very visible and added contrasting oil paints to bring it to life. Rather than being dreamy, I felt that these pieces showed the strength and the 'beautiful arrogance' of mountains. I created four of these mountain paintings, each one showing a different quality. I'd be really interested to know which is your favourite, so please feel free to comment below.

Love Katie x