DIY Art Palettes - See mine!


One thing that artists can struggle with is finding the perfect palette for their needs. Instead of spending all your money on different palettes , only to find they're not quite right, why don't you make your own! I have uploaded a video about DIY art palettes that you can make from items around the house. These are art palettes that I use all the time and they actually work better than the ones you can buy from art stores! (Saving the pennies for pretty paint colours) :) Along with my DIY Glass Artists Palette post, this video shows some other cheap & useful ideas that will make painting so easy and fun.

Hope you enjoy the video and I'd love to see your DIY palettes that you use in your studios. The link to my youtube channel is here: Katie Jobling's YouTube Art Channel 

Lots of love, Katie x

DIY Art Palettes Video