Why do people like art?


So why do people like art? These are only my speculations, but I have confidence that there is truth in them. One thing I know for certain, is that these reasons are true for me. Everything in our life seems to have rules, boundaries and consequences. Our daily decisions are a constant struggle between what we think we want, what we think we should want, and what we desire. Now we all know that art has an emotional pull, whether its a romantic, soft scene that makes us feel safe. Or it could be a intense seascape in which the paint has been applied vigorously, even violently. Then there are the painted nude figures that make us feel stripped back, uneasy and vulnerable...sometimes even embarrassed. It doesn't take much to see there's a connection here with emotions, personalities & qualities in a person. This also helps me understand why people have such different opinions on art...because people are different!

When I'm in a gallery and I feel drawn to a painting, I could stare at it for hours. I feel a bit unguarded, as though this painting knows me better than anyone. It's a weird feeling...but it's like I understand it, and it turn...it understands me. I'm actually quite interested if this is normal or not?...Please let me know if you are the same way. I can remember a particular occasion when this happened recently. I visited the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, and there was a HUGE portrait of Shaun Ross - a fashion model. I recognized straight away who it was, but that wasn't the important thing to me. What was important is that a stuck a cord within me - I'm still not totally sure why to this day. It was so striking - something maybe to do with the fact it's double the size of a human being. But already I cannot wait to go back and visit it again!

So after thinking about this for a few years, I've decided that we're drawn to art that mirrors a part of our personality or desires. We may not be able to display these qualities so openly in our life, and maybe we don't want to. But if you are drawn to bright colourful art, then it's likely you are a happy and upbeat person. If you are drawn to darker and moodier art, do you have a darker place within you, that you don't openly show? Sometimes your emotions need a release - to feel understood, and art can do that.

claude_monet edgar_degas

Of course, these thoughts on 'Why do people like art?' might all be completely wrong, but I'd really love to know what you think about these ideas, and why you like art? Please comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Love Katie x