DIY Colour Wheel


It's easy to get our minds blown by the amount of colour theories out there for artists and designers, and there are so many different colour wheels to choose from! Which is why I wanted to make this DIY Colour Wheel video, so that you can create one that you understand and will forever a part of your artists 'toolkit'. I usually just use my eyes to decide what colours compliment one another, but when it comes to painting tricks like 'dulling' a colour with it's complimentary - a colour wheel is a must!! <You can read how to do this here.>




artstudio So I have been using a CMYK colour wheel for painting for a few years now. If you're wondering what on earth CYMK is...don't worry. Basically it stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. These are the colours that printers use, if you change your own printer cartridges you might be familiar with them.  Anyway...if it's good enough for high-quality printing...then it's good enough for me! This colour wheel can really help with mixing colours, finding complimentary colours & working out opposites.

I have filmed my own DIY colour wheel video for you to watch and you only need 3 colours! CMYK

Enjoy this DIY Colour Wheel Video!

Love Katie x